Acquisition assistance

Depending on the buyer’s needs, JEMA Consulting approaches your acquisition needs from a “been there, done there” point of view with a full spectrum of services ranging from synergistic analysis to tax planning and other structuring assistance.

We provide the expertise and the benefit of years of experience to middle-market entrepreneur’s who are considering selling their company. We will assist you in the research, analysis and preparation of your business for sale and should you desire, assist you in confidentially marketing your enterprise to leading strategic company buyers, relevant financial buyers and private-equity groups.  A successful sale transaction may incorporate a range of competitive bids and deal structures for owner consideration. Our negotiating strength are geared towards bringing your transaction to a complete sale with your preferred buyer.

  • Business appraisal and valuation
  • Structure analysis and tax planning
  • Effective liaison between trusted legal and other advisors
  • Business plan review and executive summary
  • Financial modeling and accounting
  • Benchmarking analysis of your industry
  • Current market, industry research and related analysis
  • Commitment of seeing your project to conclusion
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