Management buyout assistance

JEMA Consulting has assisted many clients through the buyout process. We will work with current ownership and management to explore the needs on both sides of the table, set up the financial structure of the deal, assist in the identification of key financial partners, conduct due diligence and keep management focuses on the current and business needs of an ongoing business while driving this process a successful deal.

  • Parts of an organization no longer are seen as core.
  • Financial distress and working capital needs.
  • Family business, succession and retirement planning.
  • A Fresh Look – a trusted and industry known management team brings independence, autonomy and prospective to strategic and operational change.

An MBO has historically been attractive to a owner/seller for reasons which include strategic considerations, confidentiality, familiarity and speed. With an MBO, a trusted management group has earned the confidence of the seller and is usually more comfortable sharing confidential information to people he/she knows and trusts. An MBO also allows the seller to retain a relationship with the business; be it in a professional or with some form of continued limited ownership. In addition, MBO typically results in concluding a deal at a more rapid pace than a typical business purchase transactions.

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